Tricky address? We’re delivering a solution with a little help from what3words.

Big Night was founded on a desire to do things better: for our industry, our partners and our customers. As part of that, we’re always looking for tools and collaborators that can help us to do what we do more efficiently… and we get particularly excited when we find something that’s shaking things up in a really smart new way.

That’s why we’ve started working with what3words, an organisation that has built a new, more reliable type of address. If you’ve ever found yourself on the phone with a delivery driver, leaning out of a window scratching your head while you try to figure out where they are and why they can’t find you, then you’ll understand the frustration. Add a hot meal and a hangry customer into the mix, and the stakes are even higher. But now we hope that situation will become a distant memory for Big Night customers.

How does it work?

what3words believe that the street addresses we use aren’t suitable for the way we live today. They aren’t accurate enough to specify precise locations such as building entrances, and don’t even exist at all for parks and rural areas. They’ve come up with a solution that divides the world into three-metre square sections and gives each one a unique three-word identifier. That’s 57 trillion squares, individually mapped. Across the world, they are making finding each other safer, more efficient and less frustrating for individuals and businesses.

The system has already been adapted into 45 languages across 193 countries and been rolled out across a plethora of industries. When it comes to deliveries, they have an impressive 42% strike rate of faster last-mile deliveries. This, coupled with their forward-facing culture, makes them a great match for Big Night.

Want to hear more? Check out this TED Talk from the what3words company’s founder.